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The basic OpenCheck service is free to all educational establishments in the UK.

To use the service it will be necessary to set up two user accounts for your establishment.

One account must be for the Head Teacher or Principal and one for an ‘OpenCheck updater’.

Both user accounts will be able to change the status of your establishment in OpenCheck. The Head Teacher account is required to ensure they are aware of your school’s participation in this system while the ‘OpenCheck updater’ is designed for the person who will be the principal user of the system.

As this service broadcasts information about your establishment it is essential that the signup process is conducted by legitimate members of staff and Atomwide takes the confirmation process and the use of its authentication systems very seriously.

As a result, a few key details are required to create these user accounts. The required details, along with name and role, are the email address and mobile phone numbers for both accounts applied for.

The email address will be used to send the users an introductory email which will include the username, logon information for the OpenCheck system and details of how to change your password to one of your choice. The mobile number is used to deliver your initial password securely as this will not be sent by email.

Once you have completed the online signup process, a member of Atomwide staff will review the details submitted and confirm the legitimacy of the application. The creation of two user accounts will then be authorised and OpenCheck will be enabled for your establishment.

With regard to the data you will provide Atomwide with you should be aware that Atomwide handles personal and sensitive data relating to pupils and staff at UK schools, staff working for various Local and Regional Authority agencies, and staff of some third party companies that support these establishments. Atomwide is diligent in its protection of that data against any unauthorised access or usage, and compliance with both the legal and moral aims of the Data Protection Act is an essential element of that protection. USO services are provided for educational use only, and commercial use is prohibited without written agreement. Under all circumstances, the use of USO resources including, but not limited to, USO-FX and myUSO, to distribute or link to content that might be considered inappropriate for an education environment is strictly forbidden.

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